Old, Smelly Shoes.

I had a dream that i was accepted to the most prestigious school to finally pursue my passion of what i wanted to do. It was my first day at the school and i was late to class. I tried so hard to find the classroom, but could not find it as the school was huge. I thought i found it at one point but that still wasnt the right one. So eventually i started searching for someone who could help me out and kept asking and asking for directions. I felt really anxious inside, because the class has already begun an hour ago! To my disguise I kept bumping into more barriers along the way but eventually found a way. There was a very nice school costodian working there.  He brought me to a glass window and told me that the building I am looking for is the one im staring at in front  of me, but it would take 10 minuttes to walk there. I felt relieved and was ready to go, but then another challenge appeared. I looked down at my feet, and had no shoes. I was a little bit emberassed and told the costodian. In a matter of seconds, the old man told me to look at the ground, and the ground appeared to have not many, but about a dozen pairs of different shoes. The shoes were all different. Some of them were big old high heeles 5 sizes bigger than my feet, others were old smelly huge mens shoes that would definatelly not fit. I was stunned and had to make a decision. The decision was to determine whether i wanted to wear those smelly, old, huge shoes and reach the other side of the building and reach my goal, or quit the whole thing right there and there. Of course I did not get to see the rest of the dream as my alarm clock rang, but the dream definatelly made me think. I soon enough realized that this dream was a tremendous metaphor of my life.

I am a fresh college graduate with many ideas floating in my head. I have many goals, inspirations as well as nerves. One of the things I am working on now is writing my first book. Of course that is making me nervous. Another thought that i have is whether i should find another job. I feel nervous making that decision because i know i might regret it. I would regret it because if i leave my current so-so job, there might not be a way back if I dont like my new job. The lesson was taught by my previous boss about one year ago. He told  told me if I quit working for him, I could never come back. In the end I still left, because i knew I outgrewed the position I had. That lesson taught me that some doors might close behind you and you cant open them again. That lesson was exactly one year ago from now.

Today, I learned something different, which is more than what i knew last year. That taught me that if one door closes, another one will open. Maybe it wont open right away. It will open if you are patient enough. This knowledge might happen in the early ages, or it might happen in the later ages. Every person is different, thats why age is just a number! The most important thing to understand is that when one doop opens, it might not even be your biggest, wildst dream, but a small fraction of it. Just remember. Today, you know more than you did last year and you are growing. You are growing stronger, wiser and older. When you recognize  oportunities in not just obvious but also not so obvious things dont dismiss them. My thoughts on this are that wisdom grows with age , but some realize it sooner. What I realize or not realize in my early 20’s will be a key to my happiness in my golden years. Another point i want to make is what I know now, some people double my age dont realize. So its not just the years that change a person, but their experiences and awareness!

Life will throw you a bunch of smelly, oversized shoes, but it is your decision whether you want to step over your pride and still put them on to get towards your dream.

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