Your Fate & Attention

Driving in my car, I thought about what helps develop our intuitive sense. What helps people prevent danger. For example, there was a car driving in front of me with tied up logs sticking out from an open trunk. I noticed it right away because it was right in front of me. I analyzed it and realized that the ropes around the logs looked very weak and thin. I felt  fine driving behind it because nothing was happening, but I still had a sence of caution. If I wanted to I could of moved to another lane but Instead I decided to keep a greater distance. This example is pretty obvious but what about things that happen every day that are not so obvious. Do we pick up well on every day cues from occurrences or ( or especially?) other peoples actions and motives? What if i said that by paying attention to details can better their quality of life and improve their intuitive sences. I really believe that those who don’t pay attention to details are less lucky than those who do. Attentive and analytical people are always a step ahead, which means they anticipate for different scenarios which could occur. On the other hand, those who can care less about details of everyday life are the ones often caught by surprise of ” bad luck”.image


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