What Made You Happy Today? For Me It Was Change

” Pretty Girls Are Happy Girls”

I noticed that today I had a pretty happy day. I have some endorphins going through my body. This unusual positive feeling and confidence made me think, how did i get it today. Why did i not have this much happiness yesterday? Let me trace back my whole day. I woke up later than usual because my boss asked me start work later, so I can stay later to cover her as she has a dinner to attend. When I woke up i took a full shower and felt very good being clean and fresh. I looked in the mirror ( i usually do many times) and admired my long clean hair. I also admired my teal hair extention tips. As it seems, I was already feeling good and happy then. I suppose it was because A) I actually got a decent ammount of sleep, B) It was very sunny outside and the temperature was above 0 for the first time in months and C) Because I felt fresh and clean on top of it ( being dirty is my pet peeve). Another factor that added to my happiness today was that i actually had more time before going to work. I usually only have 30 minuttes to get ready and drive to work but today I had 1 extra hour left, after I was done with the shower and getting ready! To contribute more to my happiness I ended up using this hour wiselly and went to a Big Asian Supermarket beside my work. I bought myself some foreign snacks as well as healthy fruits for lunch. This made my day, because most of the time i am too rushed to eat breakfast and end up feeding my dog but not myself before leaving the house. To top it off i end up buying breakfast and coffee on the way to work and then lunch somwhere else. Then wonder why cant I save money. Regardles of that, today was different. It was time to go to work and I came right on time. As i walked in i was caught by surprise because the Spa I worked at was super busy! The customers kept pouring in and that is not always the case! ( I am a receptionist by the way). On top of that my boss was so happy that I came because she needed an extra hand. I ended up jumping right into it. The next thing I know three hours go by but I didnt even feel it! Half Way through my shift my boss ends up leaving me in charge so all I was left to do was enjoy my tasty foreign snacks! What a generous day I thought to myself. This does not happen too often. This day went so well that i couldnt help but think of the contributing factors. From what it looks like, i think the answer is change. The reason why I had so much happiness is because everything about today was different.My usual routine was broken. Instead of breaking my usual routine of not sleeping enough, I slept enough! Instead of going to work at 12 I went to work at 1! instead of being in a rush I had more time and got something done!. So ladies and gentelmen, Change to your routine and you will be happier!


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