Appreciation for things when you have it all

All the mental illnesses, struggles, pains, things that make people feel worse or less energetic than others should be used as an advantage in your life instead of a disadvantage. Many people who rarely had any significant health issues or not much life issues often become very self observed and not able to feel any true emphathy, sympathy love and patience towards other humans. I have experienced both sides myself. When I consistently take my ADHD medication, I start to feel as good as most people do or even above average. I get more serotonin in my brain which makes me feel happy. I get more alert and I get more energetic. When I am on my pill, I feel more focus. Sometimes to the point where I can over analize many things. The adhd increases my work success because I have so much energy to work. The downside of all this is that at one point the pill made me get used to that success and eventually  loose the emphathy and the true love for humanity feeling I had before I was on the pill. It’s hard to be a very sympathetic and relaxed person who doesn’t really take things too personnal while your on the pill, therefore there is a trade off. So now I know that taking my med might give me temporary success and happiness in some areas, but it trully takes away my creativity and what makes me, me. One if the things I learned it that  when your life is consistently going well, eventually you get used to the good and start taking things or people for granted untill something bad happens.


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