How to Enjoy Food

My New Thought about appreciating food. This thought came to me because I work with a lot of Chinese women and learned a lot from them. For example when they eat,they don’t often eat a big huge meal just to get full. Of course the women want to fill their belly but they also love to taste different things. So there is a difference between eating and tasting. The way they do that is by always sharing their food with others. I never used to do that before, but now I do it too. Instead of buying blend tasting foods, I bring varieties of foods or snacks to work, so I can share them with others and appreciate the taste. So next time when you sit down at a dinner table,don’t just eat the food. Try to really think about what is going into your stomach. Try to truly appreciate the taste, the uniqueness of the ingredients,flavours, especially if the meal is not from your own culture!


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