Getting That First Good Job After College?

So this is my job story. My firsty job was at a neighbourhood McDonalds when I was 15 years old. I worked part-time after school and weekends to afford my strong desire for brand name clothes, makeup and overcharged cellphone bills that my father was not going to pay for! I can’t believe I held that job for a whole year then quit on the spot. Many people couldn’t last a month at that place and the staff turnover was enormous. Consequently I worked in more entry level jobs that included a drug store cashier, a telemarketer, a retail sales clerk and even a painter ( for 2 days :). Those jobs all lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, so they dont coun’t on my resume. Eventually as a got older and went to college I took jobs at more serious establishments with an intent to build up my resume. I started getting more ” serious” entry level jobs. The first one ws a Hostess as a pretty fancy restaurnt that was promoted by a celebrity chef. I did not last there long enough, as the hours were short. Then it got better. I got a contract to work at the G8 ( president’s Meeting) summit in Muskoka in the summer of 2010. That was the funnest job ive ever had, but very short. I lived in a Bible camp ( for 2 weeks) with a bunch of strabgers my age. We were given rooms to sleep in, as well as food. We were also paid double wage ( and overtime) because it was a government job. That was awesome. I met so many people i will never forget. One of the five girls i shared a house with spent New Years with me in Toronto a few years later! However I still havent visited her in her town yet.( she lives 2 hours away from me) Ok. Moving on to the next job. The next job I had was not technically a job but a co-op while studying for Hotel Management. It was more like a volunteering position and was not paid. I did mine at the Hilton Hotel and it lasted 7 weeks. I really tried to get into Front Desk, but the manager who interviewed me persuaded me to work at the restaurant, because my previous experience was in food and beverage. ( How selfish of them! :O) My next job was a part-time server position for the weekends at an Italian Restaurant which went out of business 3 month later. ( just my luck, everybody got laid off). My next job was the one that elevatd me to the higher status, which was an Assistant Supervisor at a restaurant in an Amusemnt Park. I gave up my whole summer to work on a contract. I ended up dreading that job because the hours were long, the pay was low, responsibilities were big and the managers were idiots. I worked my a** ff and made around $10,000 that summer.( or more) I lost my whole summer working but gained plenty of confidence and experience i na  leadership role. I also got used to working under high pressure. This job was also a way to get my indternship hours which I needed to graduate my Hospitality Management Program. ( 1000 hours) but I really wanted to get out of the food and beverage sector and try something else. When the summer was done I went back to school and ended up getting a job at a local restaurant as a Hostess because no one else would take me. I worked hard and was one of the best employees there. I ended up doing multiple other jobs on top of hostessing. They insluded running food and serving. I stayed there for a whole year, but left to a full time receptionist job after graduating college. Now it’s been almost 8 months and I am still here, working as a Spa receptionist. Meanwhile applying for front desk and other administrative jobs this whole year literaly hundreds of times. Still no calls back. It’s been making me very confused and frustrated because I don’t understand how, my experience and 4 years of education in this BIG fiels does not get me an interview. I know I am very smart. I know I am very presentable. I know I have experience… I asked my friends about this and some seem to be in a similar boat where others are way ahead of the game. So recently, I started talking more openly to the customers that come into the Spa and met quite a few people that gave me tips. The man I met yesterday managed hotels in the past and told me he still has some contacts. I ended up printing out my resume for him ( at work, i know im bad ) and he pretty much told me it was a piece of S***. So now at least, I knowone of the problems with why I am not getting any calls. I need to really change my resume. And I’ve been doing it already for the past year but apparently it’s still not good enough. Now i am considering of acually hitring some professional to help me out. Another person I met was a lady who happens to work in Human Resources. I told her my situation and she gave me an amazing tip. She told me to stop applying ONLINE. She told me to ldress up nice and professional and literally start walking into every hotel and ask for the manager. She said that the front desk won’t call the manager right away and ask me what is it regarding. All I have to say is that it’s something personnal so they think its a complaint of something. If I say it’s for a job they will NEVER call the manager. That was awesome. 🙂 I might go ahead and do that. It does make sence. I am going to Cuba for a week next week and will definatelly be less stressed and more refreshed. That will be a great time to walk around town giving out resumes!


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