Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

My opinion on this topic is that there is absolutelly nothing wrong with being young at heart. Some people label those who are young at heart as less ambitious, childlish and immature because that is what they choose to see. Being young at hear does not mean that you know less than others, it just means that you chose to live your life differently. Of course there are people who show those negative characteristics and do not live up to the age the society expects them to be at. But there are others who are way wiser and mature than you might think. Their motive in life is not neseserily to prove that seriousness and maturity to the whole wold, because they are comfortable with who they are. From how I see it is that many people show that ” young” side of us in certain situations when we are not threatenned by judgement. For example we can be silly and childlish with our significant other, we can act goofy wihen we see that old friend from ” back in the day”, we act differently around our family. Meanwhile when we are in other social settings such as in public or at work, at a meeting or with someone we just met, we automatically hide that ” young at heart” side of ourselfs. It is totally normal to show professionalism in those circumstances, but it is also important to remember to be young at heart. Closing off that part of yourself is like restricting yourself from being natural. It is perfectly normal and we are born to act like we want. You can still be as sweet and livelly as they were 20 years ago regardless of the time and the aging process!


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