Marilyn Monroe Autobiography

I went to a book store today and found Marlyn Monroe’s Autobiography. It’s an actual collection of her personal notes, her diary and her letters as well as photos. I scanned through it and knew it was a good buy. Most of the books are her biographies written by others, but this one is comprised of actual pieces written by Marilyn herself. I read some of it and learned a lot about her fragile persona. From what it seems like she had an unfortunate life and tremendous lack of love. Dispute her big fame and stardom, she seemed to feel very insecure inside. She seemed to really want to be loved, but did not believe it was possible. She got very attached to certain men in her life, because of her lack of love and was depressed. It’s interesting how different she seemed to the public. All we see today is pictured of her being happy, confident and smiling. But what we saw was not how she felt inside, a lot of it is her movie persona. Here are some pictures I took from the book.






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