Anticipated Vacation!


  Why is it that when we are children , we get more excited about things than when we are adults? I think it’s because we have enough experiences and less memories so everything seems new and exciting. When we are kids, we live our life carefree without any responsibilities and stress. All we look forwad to is to have fun and explore.

I remember being a kid and being super excited before any vacation or trip the point of not being able to sleep. I used to be a dreamer who dreamt of what i was going to do and imagined how it was going to be. Now, I don’t get excited about my trips untill it’t the night before or even the same day. This time I am anticipating this trip more than ever, because it feels like i needed it for a while.  My boyfriend is telling me i am getting way overprepared, but it doesnt matter to me because it feels special.

 I am going to Holguin, Cuba in 2 days and am trying to get myself super excited! I really need that physical rest and relaxation but most of all i need that mental rest.  I want to try to forget about all my problems and troubles and feel like a curious kid who wants to explore and have fun! Since I am going with my boyfriend, I know we will have a good time. We both are very adventurous and lively. We both want to relax and forget about our work and our daily routines that kept both of us grumpy and irritated. Soon, our routine will change and we will forget about work, problems, stress,cold weather but will enjoy the beautiful sun and each others company! We will miss our little doggy. But, he is going to stay at a doggy hotel to experience a vacation on his own!

Hasta Lavista Toronto, Hola Holguin!


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