TB in Africa

Last night I saw a documentary about the spread of Tuberculosis in South Africa. It really touched me and made me re-evaluate my life. Turbecuosis and AIDS is a big concern in those regions and is spreading more frequently. Some people get it from their parents, and some get it from the air. Tuberculosis is a serious lung illness that is airborne. It can be sread through coughs, sharing a bus with someone and living around someone who has it. Many people in Africa are getting treated but not all of them get cured. More than half of them don’t survice after treatment because their illnes has spread too much. Those people who are getting treated live in the hospital isolated from their families. They receive daily injections as well as daily medications. Two thirds of those patients will experience side effects such as vomiting and buzzing in their ears. A lot of times, the treatments wont work and the victum develops a more severe stage of TB which is almost impossible to beat. Many of the sufferers find it important to battle TB while others give up half way and don’t see the point of living further. Many citizens who have TB don’t get it treated because they are too emberassed to report it. They dont want others in the community to know. That causes more danger to their future and more spreading to otther citizens. Another problem with this disease is that is it hard to find Doctors and Nurses who will be willing to work at the TB treatment clinics. Since it is very contangeous, many are afraid to get the disease themselves as many nusrses have gotten it already. It is a sad topic but is important for us to know about. If this disease is not being treated it might eventually affect us globaly and spread out. Many of the people affected are very humble and good people, who dont deserve this kind of life. Their whole life is a battle. One man from the movie was diagnosed with TB. His sister had a worse stage of TB and died before him. He felt very sad and empty. His biggest passion in life was playing soccer, but his weakness from the disease was taking over. He loved building houses, and working hard, but the disease was not letting him do that. There was a little girl who battled TB. Her mother previously died from TB when she was younger. She was very hopefull that her disease will be cured and was sad that she had to miss a year of school while living in the TB clinic. She said if she returns to school she will start in a lower grade without her friends. Her ambitions and dreams are very mature despite her little age. ( assuming she was around 10 years old). Her biggest dream was to go to univercity and work for a big company. She wanted to work with computers. That is inspiring to hear, especially by comparing teenagers in North America. Having a deadly, contageous disease can really change your appreciation for life. It enables you to appreciate every bit of your life and oppotrunities that come your way.Existance becomes cherished than anything else. You Never Know What You Have Untill It’s Gone.


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